Transitioning your Toddler from a cot to their own bed

Transitioning your Toddler from a cot to their own bed

Moving your child from their cot into a big bed can feel like a huge step.

This move usually occurs at around 3 years of age, with each child's readiness being very individual.

If you’re wondering whether it’s “that time” yet, here are a few sure tell signs that your toddler is ready for the next big step:

  • They’ve started to try and climb out of their cot (maybe even successfully).
  • Your toddler is potty training and may need access to the toilet at night.
  • Both you and your child are ready for them to move to their own bed.
  • You have a new baby on the way and want to start their transition so you can have the cot ready for your new addition.

Below, we’re going to discuss some of our tips to make the transition from cot to bed a little bit easier.

If you already have a Cot Bed

The great thing about cot beds is that they typically transition into a toddler bed just by removing the rails.

If you have a cot bed, the transition will be quite easy as it doesn’t require you to purchase a new bed, new mattress, or bedding. It makes the transition feel easier and smoother for your little one, and if you choose- you can secure the railing again. 

If you haven't purchased a cot yet, and you like the idea of a cot bed that transitions with your toddler- check out the cot bed from our Harlow Range that can be used from 0-4 years old. 

Typically after the age of 4-5, you will choose to move your child to a bigger standard single size bed, as your child will eventually grow out of the toddler bed.

Choosing a Bed

One of the most positive (but unconventional) reviews we receive as a bed and bunk bed company, is how easily children have been able to transition to a new bed (and stay in their own bed) when the process is exciting for them. 

Allowing your child to get involved in the process of choosing a new bed and choosing the colour, one that’s -just for them- can be incredibly exciting, and that excitement translates to little ones that actually want to sleep in their fun new bed.

You can choose a bed that’s both functional and exciting, like a low cabin bed or a bunk bed (note that top bunk beds are suitable for children 6+ and the bottom bunk is generally for 4+)

Safety First

Transitioning your children from a cot to their own bed can feel scary for you as a parent. Let’s put your mind at ease and ensure your child is as safe as possible, by discussing some safety measures to prepare your little one for their big bed.

  • Safety Locks on the Window: Many windows come with child safe locks anyway that only allow the window to open a small distance- if yours doesn’t, you can also purchase and install safety locks.
  • Socket Covers: Protect open sockets from your little ones with socket covers for sockets that you aren’t using. 
  • Safety Gates: Make sure to attach safety gates to places like the stairs, or even on their room door if your child is not yet potty trainer or needs to leave their room during the night.
  • Corner Guards: Avoid furniture with sharp corners or purchase corner guards instead. 

Helping them Settle In

Getting a new bed is usually exciting enough to encourage your child to sleep in their new bed, but here are a few more tips to help them settle in:

  • Create a bedtime routine that allows them to unwind before it’s time to sleep- this may include quiet time or a bedtime story
  • Make the process fun- with setting up their new bed, decorating their room, or deciding where their teddies/toys are going to go.

Do you have a little one that’s transitioning into their new “big bed”? We hope you found these tips helpful.

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