5 Nursery Furniture and Decor Essentials

5 Nursery Furniture and Decor Essentials

Decorating a nursery can be one of the most fun and exciting parts of your pregnancy journey. Even in your first trimester, you'll easily find yourself shopping for nursery furniture.

Below we have put together a list of our 5 furniture and decor essentials that we recommend for your nursery. Keep reading to find out our top tips for creating your ideal nursery.

A cot bed

The focal point of your nursery will be your baby's cot or cot bed. We recommend sticking to neutral tones such as white, cream, or grey- this allows you to decorate and re-decorate the room with a variety of different colours.

You can re-use the cot for future generations and you can change up your decor and room design, without having to buy brand new furniture.

Our recommended cot would be the Harlow cot bed or Harlow Twin Cot Bed, which comes in both a single and twins design. 

A Comfortable Armchair or Rocking Chair

Whether you’re breastfeeding or bottle feeding, it’s important to have somewhere for night time feeding, where you can sit comfortably and bond with your baby.

Combine your chair with a matching footstool or ottoman so you can relax and even catch a quick nap between feeds.

Storage Furniture

A quality chest of drawers, dresser, or storage unit is going to be essential as babies need a lot of things in their first year of growing. Having the storage helps keep everything where it’s easily accessible and neatly tucked away.

Check out our matching dresser from our Harlow Cot Range.

Nursery Blinds

Having blackout nursery blinds allows you and your little one to comfortably nap during the day time, while providing the privacy your nursery needs. They also provide a stunning aesthetic, adding to the beauty of your nursery space.

Check out our affiliate partners for their range of nursery blinds.

Cot Mattress

A new mattress is an important addition for every newborn baby. Even if you are reusing a cot or cot bed, it’s important to have a new mattress for every child.

There are many different types of mattresses available, be sure to find one that fits your specific cot measurements.

You can even purchase a mattress as a part of your new cot bed- as many companies sell cots with mattress included (like our Harlow cot range, that can come with a high quality mattress to fit)

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