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Nautical Built-in Bunk

Nautical Built-in Bunk

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The nautical built-in bunk bed is a made-to-order bunk with a steel railing feature, solid posts, panelled featured walls, with drawer stairs with storage underneath.

This luxury bunk bed is designed as a permanent feature of the room, being manufactured and built to fit each individual space. 

It is suitable for children over the age of 6 and due to the built-in design, is also suitable for teenagers and adults.



  • Built-in Design
  • 3 Storage Drawers Underneath
  • 5 Drawer Stairs
  • Oak Finished Drawers
  • 4ft6 Top and Bottom
  • Brushed Brass Steel Railing
  • Panelled Walls
  • Custom Handrail 
  • Brushed Brass Handles

Please note that, due to the complex nature of these designs, the extensive design process, and a 2-3 day installation, our prices for these designs start at €2200

Please take this minimum price into consideration before filling in a form for quotation.

To enquire about a bespoke built in bunk design, please fill in THIS form and allow us 5 working days to return with a quotation. 



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